1. \v{C}esk\'e Bud\v{e}jovice
    But, ISO Latin 1 doesn't seem to support Slavic languages. The German name is Budweis.
  2. Ballantine is lighter and less bitter than it once was, and is no longer wood-aged for months, but it still has some character, according to [Jackson-2].
  3. Before it threw its lot in with Pabst, General had purchased Lucky Lager, the subject of an article available from the Beer Can Collectors of America home page.
  4. If I mention here that Ballantine has ``XXX'' on it's label, I can probably get this site banned by SurfWatch.
  5. Iron City, Wainright, Eberhardt & Ober, Keystone, Winter, Phoenix, Straub, Ober Bros., Bauerlein, Hauch, McKeesport, Connellsville, Uniontown, Mt. Pleasant, Latrobe, and Jeannette.

    Tom Debski notes that this Latrobe is not (as I claimed) the maker of Rolling Rock, rather he says:

    In 1899, 21 brewers consolidated to form Pittsburgh Brewing Co. About 6 of these were substantial breweries. One, the Latrobe Brewery, was only worth $8000 altogether. This was neither the small brewery of the Benedictine Society, nor the current Latrobe Brewing Company which produces Rolling Rock Beer.
    -- Barron, Stanley. Brewed in America. Boston, 1962.

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